Why A Warrior?

So this week I rejoined Facebook, and during the course of yet another high paced week I sit down with a good cup of British tea, complete with hob knob to dunk and see the brilliance and sadness that the world of twitface social media can bring.

Scrolling through the friend requests and updates I came across this post complete with comments, and it seems to have started with quite a sensible question, brilliant! >>> what have I done for Brislington East? something I will answer later, as I believe something more important came up. (click the image to enlarge)

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I had found that I had unintentionally offended someone who in response decided to express their offendedness with an attempted deliberate offence.

Not quite sure on how to feel about all this, I decided to do some research into my error, especially after earlier on Thursday I had decided to sponsor the new Brislington under 8’s football team, and following in my business slogan “warriors of sport and fitness” this team will be known as the “Brislington Warriors”, that’s right, a squad of 16-18 under 8 year old children will be known as the “Brislington warriors” and quite possibly cause offence to all Royal Marine Commando’s everywhere, the greatest fighting force in the world, and the very reason why I thought of nothing but joining them when I left school!


Upon the notion to call my mother to collect some photo’s of myself with my green beret to try and feel for myself the reason for this, I suddenly remembered the history that had been laid out for me when I was 17 and ready to walk down to the recruiting office and sign up, the one person in this world who could have stopped me, did, my dearest mother! When I left school my parents had decided to separate and my father left, my mum then gave me the “so you are going to leave me too” speech, somewhere between the obedience to my parents and a caring son seeing his mother upset, NOT joining the Royal Marines, my dream, became my life’s biggest regret I don’t regret, instead, I was to join the Police Force a few years later to my mothers delight . . . So imagine that for one moment? someone who had been offended by being the daughter of a decorated Royal marine, had unintentionally been offended, by a Royal Marine!


But, after remembering fate had decided I was not to be a Royal Marine, I put down the extra knob of butter I was going to use in my depressive eating state and decided to simply ask someone who was a Royal marine, so I picked up my phone to call the one person I knew was, and on speed dial is none other than my dear old dad! that’s right, my own father was a Royal Marine Commando and as such I just couldn’t quite feel the possibility of the offence I had caused. So we decided to discuss this upon our usual Friday evening dinner the reasons why I could have caused the offence, peering back at me over a menu looking confused as he was more interested in trying to decide what dinner he wanted, he stated that he didn’t know, instead over dinner he told me more of his service years and what the training was like, I loved those stories as a kid and once again feel a sadness that I hadn’t joined, debating the idea of joining the TA yet again, he then reminded me why I use the word warrior in application to fitness.

This is of course due to my life hero, the Ultimate Warrior, who sadly died April last year, I was but a meer boy when he was at the height of his wrestling career, his colourful attire, face paint, running ring entrance and all round intensity, and my first look at what I would soon relate to as an example of an alpha males physique, I was captivated in the exciting spirit of the Ultimate Warrior like so many others. Less than two decades later when I was creating my business, Warrior also at a different stage in his life was doing motivational speaking, using the warrior mentality to motivate and inspire people on how they can conquer their own life and do more. So warrior had entertained me as a child, and inspired me as a man.



As Warrior once said, the definition of Warrior is

“One who is engaged aggressively and fully into an activity, cause or conflict, in a way of mind body and spirit”

If you remove the violent words “aggressively and conflict” you are left with

“One who is engaged fully into an activity or cause in a way of mind body and spirit”

So it seems something was imprinted on me as a child and brought out as a man, a certain understanding that a warrior is not all about battles, and more about overlooked words such as honour and integrity found with a certain dedication and conduct which had new meaning bred into me, being a warrior is a state of mental focus and behaviour.


Warrior who responded to a letter I wrote back in 2008, said “Perry, do something in your life that will last forever” 

With that, Sarafan Sports, Warriors of sport and fitness was born in 2009, in the hope that one day it would be a company resourced enough to forever hold a dedication to motivating and inspiring people to bring out the best that they can be, ruling out that taking part is not a reward, but understanding that a champion is far more than just a winner, engaging themselves fully into an activity or cause in mind body and spirit applying a warrior’s mentality, and if someone’s greatest victory is beating you, was it really a loss being a significant win? it would just as I had in turn been inspired.

And with that goal, the ambition I set out for the company, I will be starting with the soon to be Brislington Warriors under 8’s football team!

Always Believe




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