What does “Lead/Leading/Leader” Mean To You?

So here we are, the elections are upon us, love it, loathe it or just plain couldn’t care.

But there is something different this time isn’t there?

Maybe I am just speaking from my new perspective, whether it’s me or all the coverage or even if it is in fact the most important election of a generation . . . there is something very very different about this.

Loyal supporters with their choices already made are ready to vote, loyal to their party despite any current performance good or bad, that a new day means new opportunities, despite being let down, a new game is a chance not just to win, but also to have your belief in them restored, you knew they were always capable . . . wait I’m going on about football! and being a Tottenham supporter I know all about hating football because of the quite frankly roller coaster of emotions not even found in a bad relationship!

But it is a bit like supporting a football team don’t you think? Whenever they are in the news, or have international call ups and represent the country, you always look to your own team first, you forget the lows to only remember the highs.

This is where I believe this election is different, from traditional stand points no team party seems to be upholding much of the good times of old, and each party has a significant claim to greatness at some point, so maybe we should stop looking at party colours, look at formations policies and even more so the players people.

Now I am sure this is where you think I am going to talk about Cameron, Miliband, Farage and the others, but no I am not, I want to talk about local elections, not the general.


I am going to be perfectly honest here, when I was a non associated voter, I didn’t really feel the call to the importance of voting and spent a while not bothering, then you get caught up in the work place discussions, news reports etc and one day you do find your way to the polling station putting a vote in for whoever you have been told or persuaded to vote for, and on those few ocassions I always wondered why I had to vote twice?

I had to tick the same box on two separate ballot papers! what’s all that about?

Since getting involved more with politics, after getting so fed up with the players, in this case politicians, decided that I want on the pitch to try and change the game, I understand fully the name of this game is to do what is right for people, as a man hitting my mid 30’s I have started to naturally feel my vision of responsibility hugely widen, so when I was asked to stand for Brislington East, the very area I have lived and work in, you are damn right I am going to stand up for it.

All of a sudden the two ballot papers made sense, one is for the general and all the national policies, the other is for local, everything that happens outside your very front door, the little things that mean everything to you but nothing to someone sat in Westminster, that’s why your local councillor remains in Bristol, and that is why you have two papers to tick, so next time you look at your ballot papers, look at the name next to it . . . yes there is someones name next to the party logo!

With this, it’s time to pick the best player person for the position, for the local elections it is so much more important to look at the people and not the parties they represent, after all, there is always that player of another team you wish was at your club!

So for the local think “who” you want, and the general, think “what” you want


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