The Month I Went Vegan

Oh no, you might be thinking, it’s going to be one of those vegan blog posts. You know, one of the two types, one extolling the virtues of veganism to such heights it seems like a religious conversion or the complete opposite. This will be neither of those,  but my honest reflections on going vegan […]


I’ve been wrestling with my meat eating tendencies for a while now, especially after my education into what Halal meat is and my now avoidance of it at any given time, even to the point that I no longer order meat dishes from my favourite Indian take-a-ways since discovering that they now use Halal meat, believe […]

St George’s Day Anyone?

Has my imagination come up with a crazy, wild and yet great idea? First you have to ask yourself “why don’t we celebrate St George’s day?”, I mean really ask yourself? is there some law that says we can’t, or do we live in some mythological fear that if we disobediently celebrated it, we would be severely […]