My Political Promise

I know the election was over two months ago now, but something has been on my mind. Before I begin, and for those who do not know, I was beaten into 2nd place by just 18 votes! It was a defeat, but what a glorious defeat. Actually, the margin made me extremely happy and filled […]

Why A Warrior?

So this week I rejoined Facebook, and during the course of yet another high paced week I sit down with a good cup of British tea, complete with hob knob to dunk and see the brilliance and sadness that the world of twitface social media can bring. Scrolling through the friend requests and updates I came […]

What does “Lead/Leading/Leader” Mean To You?

So here we are, the elections are upon us, love it, loathe it or just plain couldn’t care. But there is something different this time isn’t there? Maybe I am just speaking from my new perspective, whether it’s me or all the coverage or even if it is in fact the most important election of a generation […]