St George’s Day Anyone?

Has my imagination come up with a crazy, wild and yet great idea?

First you have to ask yourself “why don’t we celebrate St George’s day?”, I mean really ask yourself? is there some law that says we can’t, or do we live in some mythological fear that if we disobediently celebrated it, we would be severely punished with an ASBO or harshly written letter from the council? but most who support me on this idea don’t even know what day it is? O the shame (it’s April 23rd if you didn’t know)

I know we don’t have it as a national bank holiday (currently) and I am one for at least supporting the idea of some special bank holiday day for all things English, even to the point of suggesting if we have done such a great job as a country, the fastest growing economy, why not give it to us? just once to see how the country would react? Would the country cease to trade all together for a day resulting in another recession? would it cost businesses a small fortune? or would it be well received to boost the morale of a tired nation, and give the opportunity for traders to run a special promotion for one day £££? and all those lovely cooked English breakfasts! not to mention that lovely idea of sharing a culture?

Now for my idea, something I would love to push as Councillor seeing as 2016 st George’s day falls on a Saturday and something for all to enjoy not just Brislington and St Anne’s

When I think St Georges day, I think Knights and Castles, so where can I find them? well that’s easy, Blaise Castle I hear you think? no, my favourite building in Brislington, The Black Castle, even as a child I was obsessed with it, remembering I got the Lego Black Castle for Christmas one year and how much I would love to live there, I have always been a fan of the building, but not always been a fan of the pub!

the black castle

There is that huge car park, the bit right at the back that I never see anyone use, how hard would it be to set up a small jousting area with fake grass or something for the Knights of The Dammed that I seen last year put on a show with their sword fights and jousting etc? Imagine parents taking their children to see a real Knight riding a horse, which makes me think how many children haven’t even seen a real horse? what an opportunity to take from story book to real life for everyone to enjoy in the spirit of St George? What an opportunity to allow all those, even tourists to the city that day, meet an English Knight?




But there is something else, there is something every now and then that hits me right in the heart as a searching to be proud British yet forced in a closet Englishman, and having your picture taken with someone in full armour, feeling the metal work and the smell of it is something that hit me like the first time I heard a Spitfire fly by, words cannot describe it and the heritage that runs in my blood wakes up, I know this usually brings up the usual “we are all foreigners” from hundreds of years ago, well be that as it may, if my heritage goes back that far it’s in my blood and I have the right let alone the lack of resistance to feel that way, and how I would love to proudly share it with everyone on St George’s day

the black knight

“There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England”
Sir Winston Churchill

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