The Man

All work and no play makes Perry Hicks a dull boy? Surely not, find out who is under the suit and behind the muscle as I talk no business, no fitness and no censorship about the new found responsibilities in my life as a man, things that make me smile, upset, and having that part of me that refuses to grow up. Gentleman or not, it’s all about my vision on what a real man should be!

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The Business Man

Being a small business owner I have learnt that you need multiple personality disorder to cope! I picked up the gauntlet thrown down by a politician who said “so you think can you do better?” Join me in the business arena, where it's less physical and more intellectual strength that's required to cope with the huge challenges facing small businessmen and women.

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The Warrior

As a mid 30’s man many would write my best years are behind me! Or are they? With a point to prove, a reputation to keep and a goal to earn I gave up on trying to find an easy life, instead I turned to finding the strength to deal with this difficult one. Find out how I deal with my physical challenges especially when eating and sleeping become an inconvenience!

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